Auchenflower Studios 1985

The Station moved to Coronation Drive at Auchenflower and opened new studios on 1st July 1985.

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"B" Studio

These studios were designed as "Stand-up Studios" - Standing, everything was accessible at arms length.

The console were designed by Macintosh Electronics (MTE) a Brisbane company. The blue color was custom - the then manager Ken Armour insisted we get away from the standard beige color - the end plates were chromed and not wood grain.All the tape recorders and cartridge machines were in matching color and the VU meters had custom white faces.

The screen on the left was for the Consolidated Electronics CUERAC automation system that held 499 endless loop tape cartridges , it was commonly referred to as "F.R.E.D".

It allowed the announcers to concentrate on the air program and not have to load commercials . It also talked back to the desk starting the next event in the studio . The four individual cartridge machines in the turret on the left were provided so local cartridges could be played at the announcers discretion and as a back up in case the automation system went down .

The turret also held 2 CD players and there were 2 CEI Mk5G Tape decks on the rear wing of the desk.

A feature of the desk was the Master clock and Temperature display to the right of the VU meters - the Master clock was designed and built "in house". It enabled the announcers to give the then trendy " Digital Time calls" - i.e. " Its two forty five "- not - " its quarter to three". The unit also fed the logger tape recorders second track as a time code, making it infinitely easier to find material on the tapes - This system was designed some years before in the Wharf St. studios but was fully integrated into the new studio design. Part of this is still in use in 2014 .

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Peter Gooch in "A" Studio

The photo of "A" studio shows the design of the lower desk - the shape of which is similar to the station logo - This was a pure coincidence , in fact the idea for the shape came from freeway pylons in Brisbane.

If you look closely you may notice there is no wall - floor join - the carpet rolls up the wall ( reverse cornice )- much easier to vacuum.