Living in the 70's

Undoubtedly the 1970's were the most dynamic and successful for the station.

The Denim Logo was a world beater as it was a fashion statement that connected directly with the audience. It was used by stations that had a close working relationship with 4IP -2SM Sydney - 3XY Melbourne and several provincial stations used it.

The station dominated the ratings in south east Queensland as it continued its involvement with the community in the form of FREE events.

Rock concerts by all the top line Bands both local and over seas.

" The Teddy Bears Picnic" stopped the traffic in western suburbs of Brisbane with tens of thousands people trying to get to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.

"Bridal Fair" and the station "EXPO's" were staged way before the World EXPO in Brisbane in 1988- and lets not forget the Ipswich Color Carnivals.

" Community Club Awards" was a franchised program from the USA that was run by the station and connected with all sorts of clubs, allowing them to directly benefit from their own endeavors'.

In this time all was not plain sailing - Click the Logo to read about the effect of the 1974 Floods had on the operation of 4IP.