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The studios in the early 1070's had moved from the Pearl building at the corner of Eagle and Queen St to the Mt Isa Mines Building at 27 Wharf St .

This is an RME Consolette in Studio B - there were 4 other similarly equipped studios- the top was extended to take the digital master clock and temperature gauge and the switching for the on air delay system. The telephone unit was especially designed and built by Telecom (Telstra) for the many competitions the station held as well as "Talkback Radio"

In addition the three On Air studios there we two Production studios equipped with Teac 4 track recorders and Teac Production desks.

At one time these production facilities functioned as a separate Production Company call " Color Radio Creative Services"

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In the mid 70's the station was the first in Australia to buy the CUERAC automation system , It could hold 499 tape cartridges - Slot 500 was called the "DUMP" slot. If a cartridge could not load it was placed in this slot. if there was more than one, the first one shot out the front of the rack.

The staff dubbed it F.R.E.D.

F$*^# Ridiculous Electronic Device

The system was bought so we could get the 499 cartridges out of the studio - can you imagine the drama if you had to move studio.

The CUERAC could do a fully automated program but it was rarely used in this mode - very few people could make automation sound real - the audience could tell no one was at home - That was not what 4IP was about.